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My original complaints were very tight hamstrings, because of sitting for an extended amount of time and I would have tingling and discomfort around my lower back spine. I am also a runner and the tightness in my legs and lower back were preventing me from running the distance I wanted to. Also I couldn't get a good nights rest because my soreness/stiffness while laying on my back would force me to sleep on my sides. After receiving adjustments, massage therapy, and training on how to properly strengthen my core and back, I have noticed that I can run without tightness. The tingling in my back has also disappeared and my flexibility has increased. With the right treatments, a lot of my issues have been resolved and I would recommend anyone to the office.

-Yufei F.

I fell and hit my head causing pain between my shoulder blades, neck and upper right arm. I believe the massage and regular scheduled adjustments have made me pain free and I am moving around the same as before the fall. I would happily refer Dr. Hunt and his entire staff because they provide services to help the healing process of your own body, wherever the injury is located.

-Darlene K.

"I came to Chiropractic Health Care Center after a series of migraines that I was experiencing. After the second adjustment the the migraines stopped and i began seeing a huge spike in energy. I am happy to say that I have not had a single migraine for 4 months now. The staff is very helpful and accommodating to your schedule. Dr. Hunt is fantastic and makes you feel like a member of his family. I love Chiropractic Health Care Center. "

-Michael E.

"I had back pain and could hardly walk, I was in a twisted position and in severe pain. I even had difficulty writing my own name because of the pain! I received adjustments, laser treatment and massage therapy. I have noticed several changes after care. I can now walk from my car to the grocery store and do my own shopping and was able to walk to my car. I would definitely refer others to the office."

-Debra E. 

"I came into the office because I was experiencing 4 years of joint pain, migraines, lower back issues, neck stiffness, brain fog ans muscle stiffness on a consistent basis. When I came to the office I received a thorough examination, including a physical exam, x-rays and the doctor spent a lot of time with me before we made a plan on how to treat me this included massage, adjustments and take home therapies. I have noticed a significant reduction in all my symptoms due to my care here. I couldn't even sit cross legged before but now its effortless and painless. I regularly refer friends and family and strangers here because of how good the treatment, service and people are here. "

-Anthony C.

"Shoulder pain from arthritis and a labrum tear from a few years ago brought me into the office. My wellness plan consisted of Chiropractic adjustments, neck traction and artho-stem to break up adhesion's and scar tissue along with therapeutic massage. Before getting treatment my pain levels from a scale of 1-10 ranged from a 3- 8 depending on the day, now its a 0. I have gained about 95% of my range of motion and it continues to get better. I would absolutely refer others to the office because they provide a positive, caring, wellness oriented atmosphere and service that really works. "

-Andy F. 

"I originally began coming to Dr. Hunt because of mow pack pain that was brought on by an injury years earlier. At times the pain had been quite acute and affected my daily living. After receiving adjustments and massages I feel great! I truly believe that i have avoided back surgery because of my month adjustments. I feel better and stronger then ever! Dr. Hunt is quite knowledgeable and explains the science behind his treatments. Kimi Hunt, his daughter, is a fabulous massage therapist. I also believe their charges are fair and reasonable."

-Blair A.

"I was experiencing back pain , neck pain , hip pain and headaches. I recieved therapies and adjustments and I noticed less pain in all areas. The treatment is very specific and well thought through for my needs."

-Katie S.

"I was experiencing fatigue , head pain and pressure along with neck and shoulder pain. Dr. Hunt recommended motorized traction, cervical air pump, adjustments and massages. Now I have more energy and improved neck movement and less shoulder pain. I would recommend anyone to the office. Dr. Hunt shows great compassion, interest and integrity. He is a good listener and he wants to see his patients have a better quality of life. He is a giver."

-Carol G.

"I originally began coming to Dr. Hunt because of low back pain that was brought on by injury years earlier. At times the pain had been quite acute and affected my daily living. After receiving adjustments and massages I felt great! I truly believe that I have avoided back surgery because of my monthly adjustments. I feel better and stronger than ever!"

-Blair S.


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