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Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care has helped by improving my mobility, taking less medication and dealing with less pain. I am no longer missing days of work or time with my family. Most importantly, I have noticed that my migraines are less frequent and with less intensity. Having gone to many chiropractors in the past, I have found that Dr. Hunt has changed my views on chiropractic care. By diagnosing me properly he was able to give me the necessary treatment that led to actual results. I have recommended Dr. Hunt and will continue to in the future.  - Daniel M. of La Puente


Well, it took me 48 years and a traffic collision to seek out a chiropractic doctor that I felt totally comfortable with and most importantly totally trust with my health. Once I started to go see Dr. Hunt in 2007. He opened my eyes on how to properly care for my back and my total well being. I felt like I have known this guy for years. I trust him and his staff, who take care of your needs and they do it with a smile! I now go for bi-monthly adjustments and a total body massage, that's awesome! This is the on doctor appointment I actually look forward to going to. Thanks Dr. Hunt. - George G. of Glendale


I have raced motocross for over 40 years. Dr. Hunt's chiropractic care has helped me to be able to continue racing without the aches and pains that many of my motocross peers are feeling. For this, I am grateful. - Val T. of Glendora


After 2 months of no relief from my MD or the chiropractor she referred me to, a friend told me to go see Dr. Hunt.  I am so glad I did! Dr Hunt's staff is friendly, professional and thorough.  After extensive testing and some adjustments, my back pain was resolved.  I continue to see Dr. Hunt once a month for maintenance.  In addition to being a great chiropractor, Dr. Hunt is very knowledgeable in all areas of health and wellness.  If you need a good chiropractor, I highly recommend Dr. Hunt! - Lisa J. of Covina


I've been going to Dr. Hunt for the past 11 years. He is wonderful! He is extremely knowledgeable. He know what ails you and takes the time to explain what is happening and why. I started seeing him because I was getting migraines regularly. Soon after he started treating me, the headaches went away. He makes the experience fun and friendly too by taking an interest in his patients. I highly recommend his services. I'm very grateful to him for keeping me healthy and happy. He has very friendly staff as well. It always a nice experience going to the Chiropractor! - Jennifer B.of Glendora


I have always been an unbeliever when it comes to chiropractic care but I have found with Dr. Hunt, he has changed my mind. I have been seeing him regularly for several months now and my husband before me. We are extremely satisfied with our care. He is friendly and thorough, and has made a believer out of me. - Gracie M. of Glendora 


I just love Dr. Hunt & his staff. He is very professional and knowledgeable. I went to him after being in pain for almost 6 month & walking with a limp. I'd gone to physical therapy for 10 weeks & I just wasn't getting any better. Dr. Hunt took x-rays on my first visit & they were able to determine 3 different areas of my back that had problems. First he dealt with the immediate problem of my sciatic nerve. After two weeks, I could walk with no limp. After four weeks, I was completely pain free. Now I'm continuing to for the other issued. Dr. Hunt is very well educated & performs tests that no other chiropractor has. He has described in detail how my back looked & how it should look. The table he uses is cool as well as the other tools used during session. He's just amazing. I totally recommend him. As a person who has been going to a chiropractor for years, he has definitely won over my business for life. I refer him to everyone I know & the minute someone mentions they are having any kind of pain, I hand them his business card. Give him a try, you won't regret it. - Sherrie Y. of LaVerne


I have been going to Dr Hunt for almost 2 years. He's very good and reasonable!
He does a lot of correction work for different back problems. He did great correct work on my neck. I've been very pleased :) - Kathy S. of Glendora


The professionals in this office make you feel comfortable when you enter & the help Dr. Hunt has given me with my health has been tremendous. I don't know how I would have managed day to day living. The care Dr. Hunt gives me and the massages I feel like a new person after every visit. - Kay E. of Pomona


I was recommended to Dr. Hunt about 7 months ago for my back problems and I've definitely seen results. I can tell when somebody loves their job and he's one of them, patiently answers your questions and go over the results with you he makes you feel very welcome like one of his own family's. I will strongly recommend Dr. Hunt. - Jose H. of Covina


Dr. Hunt is a great chiropractor and I would recommend him to anyone who has back, neck, and/or leg pain.  He is by far the most caring and knowledgeable chiropractor and has helped me tremendously. I was referred to Dr. Hunt by a friend after suffering from years of back pain that only seemed to be getting worse and more frequent.  Actually, this friend told me to stop complaining and do something about it! Dr. Hunt gave me a very comprehensive examination and consultation.  In addition to a treatment plan, he also gave me exercises and stretches to do at home to improve my tension and posture. After the first few weeks of treatment, I was feeling so much better and absolutely pain free. And after several months I'm better than ever. The office staff is very friendly, efficient, and courteous. - Karen A. of Glendora


Dr. Hunt and his team are excellent both in their professional and personal approaches toward their patients. I've been going there for about two years now and am glad that I have stuck with it! Every time I am there, I am greeted with a smile and asked how I am doing for the day. The staff is very attentive to my concerns in the medical exercises/stretches that I perform both in and out of the office, and they always answer any questions that I might have about them. They are also concerned about my daily life, making me feel like more than "just another patient" that comes through their doors, but rather as an old friend or friendly acquaintance they're just catching up with. Dr. Hunt is MORE than just the average chiropractor--he personalizes the stretches/exercises with the SPECIFIC needs of your spine so that he deals with the problems directly and effectively. He's also concerned with my body's total well-being, not just my spine. He believes in doing anything and everything to get me off of the need for PILLS and other various medications that only gloss over my body's problems without actually addressing and fixing the issue at hand. In addition to the spine, Dr. Hunt addresses issues of diet, exercise, sleep, stress, etc.--anything that could and does affect the well-being of my body, so that I can get the most out of my life by having a sound mind and body. If you're looking for a chiropractor, DON'T settle with just anyone--Dr. Hunt and his capable team are the ones to go to! - M S. of Montclair

Ever since I started going to Dr. Hunt's office  twice a week, I have felt a enormous amount of relief. Each week I feel that I leave the office with a lot of improvement. My physical ability has increased immensely. I am a lot more flexible and don't feel all the tightness in my back. I felt very cared for when I first went to Dr. Hunt. Everyone in the office takes their job very seriously and they really focus on your well being. I will be getting adjusted for many years to come. Nicholas G. of Glendora



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