How Cupping Can Resolve Your Muscle Tightness

How Cupping Can Resolve Your Muscle Tightness

When you think about alternative medicine techniques that trace their roots back to traditional Chinese medicine, the first thing that likely pops into your head is acupuncture. But have you ever heard of cupping?

For many Americans, their first exposure to cupping came in the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, when all eyes were on American swimmer Michael Phelps. It wasn’t just Phelps’ medal march that drew attention, ultimately earning him five gold medals and one silver medal, but it was also the strange marks on his back from cupping.

In this blog, the skilled providers at Chiropractic Health Care Center Of Glendora in Glendora, California, explain what cupping is and how you don’t need to be an Olympic athlete to benefit from it. 

The basics of cupping

Cupping is a type of therapy that addresses pain, inflammation, and related issues. Although athletes, such as swimmers, have been using cupping therapy for years, more and more people with everyday aches and pains have been turning to this therapeutic treatment, too.

Cupping, or “ba guan” in Chinese — which means “pulling out jars” — traces its history back to Chinese and Middle Eastern practices. To perform cupping, a trained provider places cups on a patient’s skin. The number of cups used, where they’re placed, and how long they remain depend on what the patient is being treated for.

Generally, cupping sessions take 20-30 minutes. Depending on the condition being treated, a treatment plan may include weekly sessions for a period of 4-6 weeks. Although it varies from patient to patient, many patients report immediate relief following their first session.

The benefits of cupping

There are different ways to perform cupping, such as wet and dry cupping. However, regardless of the method used, cupping produces suction, which triggers two important effects: It relaxes or loosens connective tissue and increases blood flow to the surface.

The suction action can also help release toxins and chemicals, such as lactic acid, which can reside deep within muscle tissue. Cupping can also allow fluids to drain that could be producing inflammation. Furthermore, since cupping increases blood flow, it can help stimulate the body’s natural healing process to address aches and pains.

The compatibility of cupping

One of the great things about cupping is that although it can be performed as a standalone treatment, it can also work well in conjunction with other therapies, such as corrective chiropractic care and massage therapy.

This should come as no surprise, because, like massage therapy and chiropractic care, cupping helps address imbalances in the body that can cause pain, inflammation, and muscle tightness. In fact, when used with massage therapy, cupping can address chronic muscle tightness and pain faster than getting massage therapy alone.

If you’re dealing with muscle tightness, pain, or inflammation and would like to see if cupping could help you, call 626-219-0567 to book an appointment with Chiropractic Health Care Center Of Glendora today.

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