How Functional Exercise Works

How Functional Exercise Works

We’ve all been there. You’re performing a simple household task, such as reaching into the washing machine to move a load of clean clothes to the dryer, and all of a sudden you feel pain in your back. 

What happened? You’ve done this same thing a million times before, so what happened this time? And, is there anything you can do to keep from doing it again in the future? 

This is where functional exercise comes in. Functional exercise can help you perform the movements you do every day correctly and efficiently, thereby lessening your chances of getting injured. 

In this blog, the health specialists at Chiropractic Health Care Center Of Glendora explain what functional exercise is and some of its many benefits.

The basics of functional exercise

The term “functional exercise” may be new to you, so let’s begin this discussion by comparing it to something you’re probably more familiar with: fitness exercise programs. Fitness programs incorporate exercises that typically involve circuit training, lifting barbells, or perhaps doing cardio work, such as running on a treadmill or exercising on a stationary bike. These types of exercises are geared toward building muscle mass, building endurance, or toning your body.

Functional exercise, on the other hand, is all about training your body so it can perform everyday movements — such as bending, pushing, pulling, and squatting — more efficiently and with less strain. These movements require the precise coordination of joints and muscles, and by performing them correctly, you can help avoid injury and long-term problems.

Our experienced exercise specialists at Chiropractic Health Care Center Of Glendora help patients move well in their everyday lives by creating personalized functional exercise plans that retrain the body to move safely and efficiently, all with careful attention paid to proper spinal and body alignment.

Benefits of functional exercise

As mentioned, functional exercise can help you perform daily tasks with less stress, strain, and pain, but that’s just the beginning. Functional exercise can also help enhance balance, strength, agility, and flexibility. And, having these attributes can make you less likely to experience falls. This is very good news for seniors and others who may have a higher risk for falls.

Every year, an estimated 36 million seniors experience a fall, which results in more than 300,000 hospitalizations for hip fractures and more than 32,000 deaths. Functional exercise can enhance balance and strengthen your legs and body. And, as if that wasn’t enough, being active can lift your spirit and enhance your quality of life.   

Complements other treatment modalities

Pain or spinal imbalances manifest differently from person to person, so it should come as no surprise that cookie cutter treatments aren’t the answer. Sometimes, a combination of treatment modalities is the most prudent course of action.

Functional exercise can be a great complement to other treatment modalities, such as corrective chiropractic care, Chiropractic BioPhysics® therapies, and massage therapy. Similarly, treatments like neuromuscular reeducation can be used effectively with a functional exercise treatment program to enhance nerve function, movement, strength, balance, and coordination.

If you experience back or neck pain, or if you have difficulty executing daily activities and want to know if functional exercise can help you, call 626-219-0567 to book an appointment with Chiropractic Health Care Center Of Glendora today.

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