K Laser Therapy: Your Drug-Free Solution for Muscle Pain and Stiffness

Constant pain makes everyday activities difficult and unenjoyable. The providers here at Chiropractic Health Care Center of Glendora use nonsurgical K Laser® Therapy are here to help, treating a wide range of debilitating conditions, such as:

What is the K Laser?

About 15 years ago, the FDA approved the use of the K Laser for its ability to provoke your body’s innate healing abilities. The light laser deploys therapeutic, infrared light deep into your soft tissues to increase circulation, decrease inflammation, minimize stiffness, reduce muscle spasms, and eradicate pain. 

Drug-Free Pain Relief

As an integrated medical practice, our team is passionate and purposeful about getting to the root cause of your pain instead of putting a bandage on your symptoms. During K Laser Therapy, your provider guides a handheld device over specific areas like your knee, spine, hip, or shoulder to target and expedite your treatment.

K Laser Therapy eliminates the need for incisions, surgery, or downtime. You may feel your skin tingle or get warm during the therapy, but it’s well tolerated by most patients and doesn’t hurt at all.

Other benefits of K Laser Therapy include:

Quick treatment time 

Would you believe that you can get rid of your pain in less than an hour? It’s true. Depending on the size of the area you’re treating, you can be in an out of the office in 10 or 20 minutes. Since there’s no medicine nor needles involved, you can go right back to work, school, or your regular activities.

Fast relief 

In as little as one laser session, your pain begins to subside. You may need several sessions over a few weeks or months, but the results accumulate until you achieve long-lasting pain relief. Our team customizes a plan for you so you’ll know exactly what to expect.

K Laser Therapy is a perfect complement to the many other holistic treatments we offer at Chiropractic Health Care Center of Glendora. Often, we’ll suggest you pair your laser therapy with corrective chiropractic, massage therapy, or functional exercises. To learn more about how K Laser Therapy can eradicate your muscle pain and restore your function, call the office to schedule an appointment.

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