The Link Between Pregnancy and Back Pain and What You Can Do About It

For most women, pregnancy is a nine-month adventure full of emotional and physical transformations. As the mother’s body nurtures a new life and changes to prepare for labor and delivery, lots of things occur, not the least of which is weight gain. 

The growth that takes place as the baby develops is definitely miraculous, but equally noteworthy are the seemingly endless ways that the mother’s body changes in order to sustain and nurture the baby.

In this blog, the skilled providers at Chiropractic Health Care Center Of Glendora offer their insights on the link between pregnancy and back pain and what you can do to relieve any discomfort. 

Changes during pregnancy

Back pain during pregnancy is quite common. In fact, according to clinical studies, 50-70% of expectant mothers experience back pain sometime during their pregnancy. This is because the natural processes of pregnancy create lots of stress on a woman’s body.

Posture changes

One of the things that happen as a woman gains weight during pregnancy is that her posture changes. In order to compensate for a change in her center of gravity, she may lean back a bit, which may result in muscle strains in her back. 

Furthermore, as the baby grows, the curvature of the mother’s back can increase, creating stress on the spinal disks, which in turn can result in back pain.

Ligament changes

Another natural transformation that happens during pregnancy is that a woman’s body changes to accommodate the growing baby and prepare for the delivery process. A baby needs to grow to term and get to and pass through the birth canal. To prepare for this, the expectant mother’s body produces a hormone called relaxin. 

This hormone relaxes the ligaments and joints in the pelvic area and softens and widens the cervix. Due to this loosening, back pain can result, because the pelvic ligaments are no longer providing the same amount of support for the spine that they once did.

Treating back pain

Many of the physical changes that take place can be treated with chiropractic adjustments and massage therapy. Chiropractors are trained to care for pregnant women. Furthermore, they can help in the weeks after delivery as the new mom’s body changes again as ligaments tighten and her body returns to prepregnancy conditions. 

If you’re pregnant or are thinking about getting pregnant and want to learn how chiropractic adjustments and massage therapy can help address back pain, book an appointment over the phone with Chiropractic Health Care Center Of Glendora today.

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